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Sturdy Structures and Tapestries

Every time I feel I have my Professor McGonagall-mojo in place, inevitably realize I am only a Trelawney. I want to be firm, peering over the edge of my spectacles, […]


I am so doing this. There are badges involved.

Changing the formula.

Scaffolds and formulaic writing carry an enormous responsibility: the responsibility to go away. Be gone! BANISHED! They must serve their purpose, and then skedaddle. But how do we teachers help students […]

write now

It’s 12:15 PM on November 10th. Do you know where your NaNoMo novel is? Yeah, about that. Good intentions aside, I have done everything but just sit and type. I […]

Saving Summer: Disconnection Connection Aziz Ansari recently put himself on an internet diet, and maybe the rest of us should follow suit. I bought the full-meal deal from Freedom a year ago, and […]

Saving Summer: The Expert

  My best skill, my most beloved gift,  is teaching writing. Hold that thought. This morning it occurred to me that my task every summer is not to just ‘take […]

Best laid plans.

We broke rain records this year, no small feat considering the Seattle area maintains a well-deserved reputation of one of the soggiest places around. Drizzles, downpours, drenching or dollops–no matter […]

National Writing Day: October 20

Post from the NCTE about National Writing Day on October 20, the question being, just what am I doing on National Writing Day?!  Um, gee, I don’t know! Not sure […]

The Case of Kelly's Curious Curation

Note: Here is the challenge: take one hour on a Saturday or Sunday and curate your own list of three things you could make into a mini-unit, writing prompt, etc.  […]

Write-It-Right Wednesday

We are writers. Writing serves my creative mania. In my classroom, historically, we write more than we read. Do I love books? Of course! Am I passionate and excited about […]

8 Days a Week

Let’s pretend we live in a world where no students are ever tardy, there are no altered schedules (no joke: last year there were no fewer* than eight to ten […]

Source material.

We have had a firehose of information provided us for the SBA writing tasks. I am doing my best to make sense of it. This is the near-final version […]

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