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Back in April 2015, Love, Teach wrote a blog post that has been widely circulated, What I Wish I Could Tell Them About Teaching in a Title I School, and it […]

Cereal and roses.

It’s been a long time since I posted a “Wish I Had Written That” post, but this one came along at a perfect moment. This week is our spring break, […]

WIHWT: Why I write.

This Wish I Had Written That is inspired by Rebecca Solnit. Sometimes the artmaking stalls out. Sometimes I’ve written my truth and it conflicts with someone else’s narrative. Writers step […]

Saving Summer: WIHWT: The Promise

I haven’t done a “Wish I Had Written That” in awhile, and this came across my view today: Someone posted this, from my book, sort of a bill of rights […]

The first rule of write club…

@mrskellylove Zinn’s take on the gentrification of Sesame Street? That would be priceless. — John Spencer (@spencerideas) May 28, 2016 //   Must give credit to John Spencer once again for […]

WIHWT: Octavian Nothing

This Wish I Had Written That is a novel I’m about 65% through: Octavian Nothing by M.T. Anderson. Did you ever buy a book, tried to engage, and then put […]

WIHWT: Preparation Heck No.

This Wish I Had Written That comes courtesy of Emily St. John Mandel, the author of Station Eleven. Granted, again I am sharing a novel with a few adult/mature audiences overtones: […]

WIHWT: Americanah

  (Note to self: ask Cult of Pedagogy if she makes any cash from her links to Amazon.) This “Wish I Had Written That” is stretching a bit here — […]

WIHWT: Green Angel

Are there books or texts you desperately want to teach, to introduce, yet never find the right moment? The place in the curriculum, scope and sequence, where a text resides […]

WIHWT: Red Rising

This Wish I Had Written That (WIHWT) post is about my own connections to reading. In 2009, I participated in my first Puget Sound Writing Project, via the National Writing […]

WIHWT: How It Went Down

This Wish I Had Written That (WIHWT) moment comes to us courtesy of a wonderful librarian. This librarian loves books. I love books. We get along. This past spring, she […]

The core.

  Whereby I confess my most egregious professional sins and meditate, lighting candles to Grant, Wiggins, and Burke, in order to get my head back on right. And a favor: please […]

WIHWT: Missing book

I forgot today was Wednesday. Just for a moment. And then I remembered today is my attempt to put something in under the “Wish I Had Written That” tag–been thinking a […]

WIHWT: My first novel.

Mazel tov, John! You’ve always been one of my heroes, anyway.

WIHWT: Where can I get one of those?

“This,” said Galaad, “is the sword of Balmung, forged by Wayland Smith in the dawn times. Its twin is Flamberge. Who wears it is unconquerable in war, and invincible in […]

WIHWT: What prompted this?

Treated you like a rusty blade A throwaway from an open grave Cut you loose from a chain gang And let you go And on the day you said it’s […]

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