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Tag: Science

Saving Summer: Flat-lining. The Ongoing Battle Between Science Teachers And Fake News NPR-Ed posted an article this morning about how science teachers encounter young minds already signed onto misconceptions and falsehoods. This […]

Metaphorically speaking… At one point my life, I self-applied the moniker “Queen of the Metaphors.” Perhaps my crown tarnished a tad due to adjusting verbiage to suit more concrete/sequential folks, including […]

The Power of Storytelling

Someday, maybe, I’ll work on my Doctorate, and I am fairly certain what my focus will be the power of storytelling. It’s been a subject I’ve researched for years. We […]

Postcards from Bikini Bottom. How cool is this?! A wonderful teacher/colleague/mentor’s husband is a scientist for the Seattle Aquarium. He worked with Brady Barr and is on the upcoming episode which will air […]

Apple pie universal truths.

I *heart* Bill Nye the Science Guy. It’s true. I have a little secret science crush on Bill Nye the Science Guy. (Yes, my husband knows. He has a small […]

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