Fist-bump currency

My favorite thing about tweets about Building Relationships is how programmed and scripted they feel, bc everyone knows interacting in a programmed, scripted way is the best way to get people to feel connected to the real you. #TweetLikeAKeynote. — Doug Robertson (@TheWeirdTeacher) March 30, 2019 Grit. High-leverage. Warm demander. Relationship building. All of these words have begun to get as stale as a piece of Juicy Fruit. And it’s time to reevaluate our use of them, and take a long, honest look at our practice. One thing I’ve learned this year is that I am not as wonderful…

Building (Relationships) Check-Up

*Coffee talk time! The Six Relationships That Characterize Great Schools I invite educators and non-educators to comment or add ideas to this document: I am thinking about making this into a chart for myself–these six areas are important and valuable to keep close and visible each teaching day. Any ideas are welcome!