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Tag: racism

Fresh Start 101

Do students come to your classroom year with reputations?  Well. Yes. And–I’m struggling with the past clinging to some students. That’s about as diplomatic as I’m can muster right now. […]

the devastating abyss

  I am not a fan of Ayn Rand. At all. Clearly, this is not an image of Ayn Rand. It’s Colin Kaepernick. There is a name on this T-shirt […]

The other day… …what do you do when a student thinks something is funny when it clearly is not? Not only is it not funny, but racist, threatening, and aggressive? …when a […]

Saving Summer: Real world problems.

We need some new statues. — Hank Green 🐢 (@hankgreen) August 13, 2017 // My response: What do I post today? Do I show an image of Heather Heyer, […]

Sticks, stones, and comment feeds

This blog acts as a digital sketchbook, a virtual cocktail napkin, as a means of my sorting of thoughts. I am truly interested in what you think, too, so please comment. […]

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