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Tag: politics

Saving Summer: Real world problems.

We need some new statues. — Hank Green 🐢 (@hankgreen) August 13, 2017 // My response: What do I post today? Do I show an image of Heather Heyer, […]

Numbers game.

None of this is new news. We are hurting. Our economy, our growth, our creativity: we see it, we call it out, and we try, desperately, to avert the tsunami. […]

Didgeridoo not.

Or didgerimostdefinitelydo.* I wish I had it in me to write that “top ten things to do by the end of the year” or “keep middle school students engaged” post. […]

To be fair.

Caution: This is going to get political. My question: is this all wishful thinking? Should I roll over for Hillary and her status-quo, dynasty style politics? Are African American voters […]

Stop and eat a Pop-tart. (revised)

My brother-in-law said it best this morning on Facebook: “Sometimes I hate us. This is one of those times.” The ‘us’ he referred to is us humans. I get you, […]

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