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the perils of control

  My head hurt all weekend since an odd idea came to me late last week. Did you ever get an off-hand comment that seemed vaguely critical and out of […]

#ISTE2016 Unpacked, Unplugged, and Overshared

As my cutie-patootie fictional night-elf-turned-demon says, Illidan Stormrage says, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! And if only I had listened to him when it came to ISTE. But, purpleman, I learned a […]

Swag bag.

Never Start a Post Like This: Back in the day… Back in the day, I used to work in a small but potent marking company designing and executing trade shows […]

Loss. Love. And Legacy.

John Spencer is one of my first, and lasting PLN colleagues. I read his words carefully, and it was he who over the weekend told of the sad news about […]

Inner voice logorrhea.

  Come on old brain, learn some new tricks! Is it possible to re-program a brain to think differently, not focus on the negative, but wash away shameful thoughts and quickly suture confidence? […]

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