Building (Relationships) Check-Up

*Coffee talk time! The Six Relationships That Characterize Great Schools I invite educators and non-educators to comment or add ideas to this document: I am thinking about making this into a chart for myself–these six areas are important and valuable to keep close and visible each teaching day. Any ideas are welcome!    

Chasing the Golden Techie: Part II

  Okay – thank you for indulging my history lesson on one school’s adventure with 1:1. I saw this passing ’round the Interwebs not too long after posting, and realize, just like a thousand other Dorothy with ruby red shoes, I had the power all along. And I’ve been doing this all along. Units I have planned for my content area this year balance a “this is how it was/what happened” and “this is how it is now” approach: everything from the Salem Witch Trials, to the upcoming Yellow Fever and Second Amendment units I’m planning. Years past, using Burning Questions…