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And the Oscar goes to…

The Movie-in-a-Minute three-day blitz of movie making was successful. The best and worst of personalities came to light: the divas, dignitaries, and documentarians did their best. There were production over-runs, technical and […]


What does one do with a flirtatious, frisky, and fidgety group of 8th grade students? Well, what would Spielberg do? He would make a movie, that’s what. So, the challenge: […]

Friday Afternoon Film Festival

A way for me to keep my sanity, demonstrate plot/theme, and have a quick, engaging mini-lesson: Friday Afternoon Film Festival. I’ve been finding these great clips off of Vimeo. And although […]

And the Oscar goes to…Flipper?

Every year my husband and I watch the “Oscars,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences award ceremony that honors everyone involved with the best films, actors, directors, and […]

Super Circus Freak-y…

One of my former students LOVED the Cirque du Freak series, long before anyone had taken a bite out of the Twilight apple. If you check out the Dog Ear […]

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