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Noblesse oblige, teacher

Well, nice! “President Obama to Finalize Overhaul of Overtime Rule, Boosting Pay for 4.2M Workers.” As much as I see the $15/hour minimum wage being hugely beneficial, it does concern […]

Patron Saints of Asking.

“The real secret is, I didn’t make them, I asked them.¬†And in the very act of asking people, I connected with them…” My daddy told me, “If you don’t ask, […]


// via GIPHY Yesterday’s post concerned time: today’s post is all about…you guessed it…money. And boy oh boy is this a touchy subject. Let’s let go of the trope that […]

Month of May Mothers: Money

What is it with moms and money? These are all generalizations, of course, but gee, can we stretch a buck like nobody’s business. When we’ve been flush with the green […]

Grow wings.

So, kids, as I continue on my quest to be YOUR BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD……world..I came across this article from Time Magazine: “Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well […]

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