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Tag: lesson ideas

First they came for…

I credit my dear friend Sharon Clarke for reminding me of this lesson we learned at a PSWP Social Studies course  Here is the lesson in brief detail: Have students […]

Heroic measures: teach critical thinking

My big question this morning: how do we teach, and learn, to think critically? Not the surface-level fluff–but the hard questions, the wrestling with the trifecta of intellectual stagnation: cognitive dissonance, […]

The first rule of write club…

@mrskellylove Zinn’s take on the gentrification of Sesame Street? That would be priceless. — John Spencer (@spencerideas) May 28, 2016 //   Must give credit to John Spencer once again for […]

Slithering summer

Ah, those last few weeks in U.S. public schools before students and staff leave for summer break. When teachers all over the nation are worried about ‘summer slide’ and for […]

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