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Confused? Good. You're thinking.

// via GIPHY Without going into the long backstory, recently someone told me students in my class were confused and whispering to each other, seeking clarity. They said this like […]

You know nothing, Mrs. Love.

Does anyone want to become a judge because they know how to write a claim, evidence and reasoning paragraph? Has anyone played scales on a clarinet and decided music was […]

The first rule of write club…

@mrskellylove Zinn’s take on the gentrification of Sesame Street? That would be priceless. — John Spencer (@spencerideas) May 28, 2016 //   Must give credit to John Spencer once again for […]

Graveyard of Jargon

My friend Philip Cummings recently posted something on social media that caught my eye, “Letting Go of Learning Styles” by Amber and Andy Ankowski on the PBS Parents site. This article […]

Information overload.

  In a recent story on NPR, ‘Information Overload and the Tricky Art of Single-Tasking,’ there is a link to an Infomagical challenge–making information overload disappear. My relationship analogy with technology feels […]

The core.

  Whereby I confess my most egregious professional sins and meditate, lighting candles to Grant, Wiggins, and Burke, in order to get my head back on right. And a favor: please […]


A friend told me when I turned 50 some magical effect would take over me, and that essentially, I would be able to let most things go, not give a […]

WIHWT: My first novel.

Mazel tov, John! You’ve always been one of my heroes, anyway.

Month of May Mothers: Yin/Yang.

Please read this blog: And consider your own influences on your life. There is a balance to us all, perceptible or not.


I read another blog named “Musings from a Not so Master Teacher” by a teacher named John Spencer. His audience, I believe, is primarily other teachers, so students, many of […]

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