In my drafts folder is a post of what I really want to say, things I want to expose, but experience tells me to censor myself. For now. Reframe it, be mindful, professional, and progress. [TL:DR Skip to the last paragraphs if you want to know what EL teachers do.] Context: I’m in my second year of EL teaching, and my fifteenth year overall. Straddling between imposter syndrome, confidence, and COVID19 building closure, I stepped in my usual gopher holes. But fortunately (and this is an understatement) I work with an admin and district person who could not be more…

Summer Series of Saves: Culturally Responsive Teaching (V)

Spoiler Alert: We still have a lot to learn about one another. I invite you to sign up for Genius and annotate articles, too. This article is an overview of what sociolinguistics are:  https://www.linguisticsociety.org/resource/sociolinguistics This article is an overview of linguistic terms: https://www.pbs.org/speak/speech/reveal/ http://genius.it/www.pbs.org/speak/speech/reveal/ This article defines what ‘crossing’ is: https://www.pbs.org/speak/speech/prestige/crossing/ This post is a holding post: just to keep some ideas hitched up until I have time to sort through them. But most importantly, read Sharroky Hollie’s Ph.D., work. @validateaffirm http://www.culturallyresponsive.org