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Tag: education

What seems to be the trouble, lady?

Like most benign institutions, I assumed the Department of Education would always be there, doing its most important job: keeping the playing field field-y and the standards standard-y. But since […]

Numbers game.

None of this is new news. We are hurting. Our economy, our growth, our creativity: we see it, we call it out, and we try, desperately, to avert the tsunami. […]

Month of May Mothers: Smart moms.

The old adage, “a woman’s work is never done” feels true for many adults these days. People have always worked, and in most opinions, the phrase ‘working moms’ is redundant […]

Why Do We Learn (Anything)?

Happy President’s Day, George. Abe. And the Rest. You Helped Grow a Strong Tree. The other day a student asked why we were bothering with learning about ancient world history/civilizations, […]

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