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Tag: critical thinking

Heroic measures: teach critical thinking

My big question this morning: how do¬†we teach, and learn, to think critically? Not the surface-level fluff–but the hard questions, the wrestling with the trifecta of intellectual stagnation: cognitive dissonance, […]

Saving Summer: Flat-lining. The Ongoing Battle Between Science Teachers And Fake News NPR-Ed posted an article this morning about how science teachers encounter young minds already signed onto misconceptions and falsehoods. This […]

Los Zumbis de Washington

  // via GIPHY This will be a long post: I am retracing my steps on the creation of a unit. TL:DR: Zombies and survival themes are great for 8th-grade […]

Structure Series: Essays for the 21st Century

  The five-paragraph essay is likened to learning the foundations of structure and organization critical to being able to write other organized pieces. There may be merit to this, however […]

Game on.

Great conversation the other day: student in my “struggling” reading comprehension group reminded me once again that many kids aren’t necessarily “bad” readers, but not motivatedto read. We had a […]

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