Summer Series of Saves: Art

i am too scatter-brained to post every #fanartfriday so im just gonna periodically drop the EPIC #childrenofbloodandbone fan art you guys create! #cbb started b/c I saw magical art of black people for the first time in my life, & now you angels give me this gift everyday πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– β€” Tomi Adeyemi (@tomi_adeyemi) July 28, 2018 What an amazing idea: no matter the artistic skills of your students, have them imagine and describe the characters in the books we love. #fanart #projectLIT

Summer Series of Saves: Magic

Did you ever want to be a character from a book? Tomi Adeyemi wrote Children of Blood and Bone (which I just finished and REALLY WANT SOME TO TALK ABOUT THE ENDING WITH!) and she posted this beautiful photo: call me ZΓ©lie β€” Tomi Adeyemi (@tomi_adeyemi) July 20, 2018 Now: ideas for discussing books and characters with students: what elements of characters do you recognize in yourself? What powers or weaknesses do they have you see in yourself? And wow: when you don’t see a character that matches or represents you: WRITE IT.