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If carbon-based organisms keep some genetic memory, some imprint, of our collective conciousness, is that why we keep telling the same stories?

Charting your journey.

This article link content is NOT about your personal  beliefs, or mine. It is about what we talked about (briefly) the other day — in addition to books, poetry and […]

Wow. That was weird.

 Well, last night I had a surreal experience. I went to my first large group teachers’ union meeting. I’m still trying to untangle how democratic the process was, what benefit […]

Stoking the fires of burning questions… In a search for books that deal with the tough, sad topics of child abuse, and other big questions you may have, the website is a great resource. […]

Wrapping Up a Year…My Gift to You

As I begin to write out the last two weeks’ worth of lesson plans and agendas, it strikes me that I really don’t want this to be quite over. Yes, […]

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