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Summer Series of Saves: Teachers Talk.

Be centered on what matters to you.  Just wanted to capture a wonderful chat I stumbled onto–good ideas and inspiring to focus on what matters. And: I want to share […]

please and thank you

I can’t wait for the district to figure out its spending. I can’t wait for any more co-opting of my time and fees from Donors Choose. I can’t wait for […]

Heroic measures: let's do something (anything)

17 books we loved in ‘17 📚❤️ — Project LIT Community (@ProjectLITComm) January 1, 2018 Happy New Year’s Day! Last night we went to see the new Star […]

Saving Summer: Book money.

I buy books. I buy too many books — well, there are never enough books, but yes, I do wish my district would buy more. The tug-of-war between the decision […]


I always have this summer break lag–it takes me a bit to realize it actually is break time, and not only relax, but reflect. And just not think at all. […]

Because….books. Love this idea from Cult (and am jealous of her cute little hair flippy-do)! To my ELA local peeps–if you have ideas about books we can share with a […]

Read or perish.

This week I posted ten educational books that have helped me. That list could be pages long. But it made me think — while those books help with lesson structure […]

kelly love

Keys to the kingdom…

Great post from Nerdy Book Club on books adolescent boys may enjoy. Most I’ve read, but there are quite a few new/surprises: Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys* […]

Chivalry isn't dead.

Here is my attempt to help students using the Notice and Note strategies for one of my favorite short stories, ‘Chivalry‘ by Neil Gaiman.   Or: Wait, you know what? […]

Make a note of it.

This is a portrait of me done by a student: I added the glasses. All the better to see you with, my dear. Two Thoughts: *Annotating the world Here is […]

WIHWT: Americanah

  (Note to self: ask Cult of Pedagogy if she makes any cash from her links to Amazon.) This “Wish I Had Written That” is stretching a bit here — […]

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