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Summer Series of Saves: Discuss, please

Twitter, well, Twitter is a lot of things but it does provide some great discussion/debate threads if you’re patient to find the gems. Here are five threads that gave me […]


We are at war. Choose your side. Are you making excuses? Justifying your actions? I do not care about you. You use your justifications as a rationale for racism and […]

Let me tell you about my boat.

Yes, this is an open letter. I hope it’s read, and understood with the best of intentions. It comes from a place of love. Dear 7th Administration Team Coming to […]

Three more for the road…

Spring break is over today, and while it was magnificent in many delightful ways, I’m fighting off the “Sunday” feeling. If I were choosing an overarching theme for this year […]

Making things.

  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding how to get students to move forward without scaffolds, I received many good ideas from the High School ELA group page* on […]

We have a voice.

Yesterday–what an amazing day. Weeks ago, students began seeking trusted teachers in the building, wondering if and how we would support them in the National School Walk Out Day. We […]


This is not my story to tell, so I hope my friend Sharon forgives me. Something she just went through inspired this tale. And Betsy Devos. Add my own experiences, […]

Carrying Trust:

Written by my colleague Sabrina: I work so, so hard every day to make connections with my students; to really see them. I know my colleagues do too. I do […]

Moving Day

Moving my .edublogs blog to this fancy WordPress one will not be easy, but it will be mine to do more with what I wish. Edublogs is a phenomenal resource, and […]

I am an American teacher.

As we all are trying to sort out the horror of the murders of innocent children and adults, a horror we will never fully understand, there is one area I […]

Memory Block.

            In this picture you see a young father, a daddy and a sleeping toddler and I see that too but there is also an […]

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