The luxury of whimsy (part 1)

New routine includes making a daily plan for school replacement with our kindergarten aged child. Here’s today’s plan. Left side of the page will contain schedule. What other good ideas do you have? — Steel Wagstaff (@steelwagstaff) March 16, 2020 Routines of comfort How do I describe the (odd and inappropriate) envy I feel right now when I read colleagues who teach in other schools/districts about the connections they’ve made with students during the COVID19 crisis? Please don’t misunderstand me: I am joyous that students are reaching out to their teachers at this time, that students want to continue…

protecting readers

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read. Her mother read her books. When baby sisters came along she read books to herself. Her dad would take her to the library. Her teacher suggested books to her, including Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret when she was in fourth grade. It became her anthem into adolescence. She read Harriet the Spy three times, long before there was a movie adaptation. She learned that some books were too cold, some too hot, but most just right, all without someone telling her. No context clues. No…

Mrs. Love is extra. Happy.

Needed to take a moment and capture the first two weeks at my new school: I love teaching ELA/History again! Great and wonderful things: 8th-grade scholars (not students, scholars) who have been through the AVID and IB classes are incredibly prepared. It has been such a boon for teaching students content, and so many of them come prepared with best practices procedures. Their reading program comes with books for every student. Repeat: a book for every student. No chasing down resources or playing a dangerous bartering game to try to scratch together things. They do not use computers every day….

Building (Relationships) Check-Up

*Coffee talk time! The Six Relationships That Characterize Great Schools I invite educators and non-educators to comment or add ideas to this document: I am thinking about making this into a chart for myself–these six areas are important and valuable to keep close and visible each teaching day. Any ideas are welcome!