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Category: Reading Strategies

protecting readers

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read. Her mother read her books. When baby sisters came along she read books to herself. Her dad […]

Mind the Map. Here is the teaching point/issue: How do we concurrently 1. teach students how stories work (or how anything works for that matter) 2. use technology to best demonstrate concepts […]

Structure Series: Essays for the 21st Century

  The five-paragraph essay is likened to learning the foundations of structure and organization critical to being able to write other organized pieces. There may be merit to this, however […]

Read the book, dummy.

  // Noticed: I belong to the Notice & Note Facebook group, and it’s marvelous. Teachers helping other teachers, all grade levels (but predominately K-8), finding books, helping with lessons/units, […]

Gluing the wings back on.

  As an artist and a scholar, I prefer the specific detail to the generalization, images to ideas, obscure facts to clear symbols, and the discovered wild fruit to the […]

Monitor: Idiot proof.

This stream in my Reading Rockets’ feed caught my attention today: Sound It Out Along with her background as a researcher, writer, and teacher, Joanne Meier is a mom. Join […]

If I blog it, they will read…

 I think if I say it publicly, I’ll have to honor the promise to myself to write about reading. Disclosure statement: This is not everything I know about teaching reading, […]

Leveling up: Pathways to reading

Wonderful colleague posts this question to the universe: Calling ALL opinions: students are reading below grade level (anywhere from 5 to 1 year behind) and I want to do a […]

Read on.

I stumbled across this blog awhile ago: “…and we also read.” URL: Its premise is to capture people reading, all over the world. When I visited this morning, the […]

It doesn't add up.

I have a problem.  This doesn’t add up. I feel negative about this. This is less than, not equal to, what I want to see. I was helping my son […]

Finding Your Way in Reading

When you can read something, and understand it, you gain power–access to knowledge, access to the entire world. It frustrates us when we read something and it becomes “word soup.” […]

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