Month of May Mothers: Memorial.

In researching this post, I asked these questions: How many U.S. military personnel died in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm (Iraq), and the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I could not find a concise answer.  Maybe I’m just too tired, lazy, or ultimately afraid of what I’ll find out. One number that jumped out at me was during WWII, all loss of life ranged over 60,000,000 people around the world, making it one of the worst, most devastating wars in human history. A point was made on one wiki that because of the newer war technologies, our…

Month of May Mothers: Work of Art.

Artists have always represented the powerful imagery of mothers in art from the beginning of time. I have collected a few of these representations; your curiosity should lead you to find out more about the images:

Month of May Mothers: And Sons.

When I was pregnant with my younger son, I knew, I just knew, he was going to be a girl. I didn’t have morning sickness; I had night sickness; I carried him differently, and other indicators and old wives’ tales all said “girl.” When I had my first ultrasound and saw that no, indeed my second child, and probably my last, was in fact a boy, I got a little misty. My husband told me to basically get over it, and didn’t allow me to be sad for the daughter I would never have. Now–let me be very clear: we…

Month of May Mothers: Mother Hens.

Do you ever feel choked by a self-satisfied and righteous pile of feathers? As you’re trying to learn how to dodge chicken hawks and unscrupulous roosters, is there a hovering vortex of smothering-mothering in your vicinity? Do you feel hen-pecked, brooded over, and about to crack? Well, my little chickadee, you have experienced the Mother Hen. I hesitate to use the powerful tool of personification in this way. I’m tired of certain celebrity politicians referring to women as pit-bulls and bears. Last I checked I was human, and that’s enough of a challenge without being thought of as a canine or ursine creature….

Month of May Mothers: And Daughters.

To my female students: You are a complicated lot. Every year, I learn more about myself through your eyes than perhaps I ever have in any class or seminar. In you, I see the young teenager I once was, including the pettiness, grudge-holding, gossipy side, of which I was often on the receiving end. But in most of you, I see young ladies who are so intelligent, kind hearted, honest, and generous of soul and spirit. It is your confidence in your voice, and in your futures, that you perceive as weakening you — but don’t you see? That is really where…

Month of May Mothers: Maternity.

Could we judge the progressive or advanced level of a civilization based on the amount of time a society gives new mothers time to bond with their babies? How do countries handle maternity leave? Many studies have shown that those first few months with a new baby are some of the most important in terms of health for the mother, and for the baby. Feeding, sleep, and time to heal are so important. I remember when I had my first child; I saved up every day of vacation, every sick day, so I could afford to take off a month….

Month of May Mothers: Money

What is it with moms and money? These are all generalizations, of course, but gee, can we stretch a buck like nobody’s business. When we’ve been flush with the green prosperity of payday, or flushed down the money pit, there always seems to be  just enough. Old quotes, such as “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.  ~Author Unknown” are sweet, but with most mothers pulling double-or triple-duty as parents, providers, and popsicle supplier, most moms don’t have time to notice there’s no money, or time to get another photograph taken. If I dig deep, real deep,…