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Category: Media and Mischief

Saving Summer: Googling.

Recently a post on social media got to me to thinking: (well, overthinking? *shrug*) After a thread and reflection, I am trying to answer some questions: Does context play a […]

Spun out.

Spinners. Water bottle flipping. Dabbing. Clicking. Candy wrappers. Sunflower seeds. Little pencils. No pencil. No paper. Uncharged laptop. No charger. Lost charger. Little skateboards. Little paper footballs. // via GIPHY […]

Lessons of Azeroth

“But back to Jandy Nelson who started off her address by explaining “this belief I have that English teachers are our contemporary shamans: the wakers of sleeping souls, the planters […]

The first rule of write club…

@mrskellylove Zinn’s take on the gentrification of Sesame Street? That would be priceless. — John Spencer (@spencerideas) May 28, 2016 //   Must give credit to John Spencer once again for […]

This old dog.

Much ado is being made about age these days. Maybe it’s my own resentment of being a digital pioneer, and constantly being reminded I’m in charge of training children for […]

Through new eyes…

  Innocently a young colleague, not much older than my eldest son, asked me if I had seen ‘Force Awakens,’ and if I liked it. Poor guy. Never believe that […]


I have wakeful insomnia when my husband goes to bed anytime between 12:50-1:15 am. Aside from being grounds for divorce (JUSTKIDDINGIAMSODAMNTIRED), thought I would open up my brain to see […]


The Pensive Sloth posted some funny resolutions recently, and they’ve circulated ’round the social media-es like crazy. Between those tongue-in-cheek somewhat passive aggressive resolutions and John Spencer’s valiant efforts to make […]

Purple Unicorns: The Paradox of Diversity

 January 4 update: “How Tapping Into a Youth’s Identity Can Excite Interest In Learning. Ah, Winter Break…a time to catch up on media and mischief, and perhaps…have too much time […]

Watch your tone.

Don’tcha ever get tired reading about things? Yes, again, I am offering, post-holidays, an idea that is a holiday themed movie, and yet, confining ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to the […]

Myth of the Month Club: Krampus

Krampus is the dark companion of St. Nicholas, the traditional European winter gift-bringer who rewards good children each year on December 6. The kindly old Saint leaves the task of […]


I am about to try to explain magic. Doug Selwyn is our professor for an ELA/SS course via PSWP (Puget Sound Writing Project). He is the real deal. Let me […]

Media Festival: Yellow Fever.

#thethingsidoforlove Yes, a Thursday night in August, not many days until I start back, though I haven’t really stopped. One week of a writing workshop class, and in the middle […]

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