In my drafts folder is a post of what I really want to say, things I want to expose, but experience tells me to censor myself. For now. Reframe it, be mindful, professional, and progress. [TL:DR Skip to the last paragraphs if you want to know what EL teachers do.] Context: I’m in my second year of EL teaching, and my fifteenth year overall. Straddling between imposter syndrome, confidence, and COVID19 building closure, I stepped in my usual gopher holes. But fortunately (and this is an understatement) I work with an admin and district person who could not be more…

Series: White People Homework (22) ‘Canon’ Fodder

Districts and English departments are scrambling for “diverse” books–while some of us have been doing this work, time to continue and support.

Series: White People Homework: Let’s talk (15)

Thank you to Larry Ferlazzo

Series: White People Homework- What’s in a name? (14) (Updated)

We’re not a football family in our house. And like many areas of fandom, it’s okay–no judgment on those who love football, and as far as we know we aren’t judged by others. Wouldn’t matter. So forgive me for not knowing who Emmanuel Acho is. Turns out, he’s pretty amazing! And I am so grateful for other media formats who bring people such as him into my life and help me learn. And I am an ELA/ELL teacher; however, full disclosure, I was not an English major in college. Most of what I learned about mechanics, style guides, and conventions…

Series: White People Homework: (11)

What I tried to say in this post, But Justin Schleider (@SchleiderJustin) said it so much better: I am specifically talking to White people because we are the ones who created the problem and we are the ones who need to work towards rectifying what we have done. Plus I can only speak to the groups I am a part of and understand. https://slowchatpe.com/2020/06/09/and-we-still-need-you/ Still, others may be young and just entered the field of education. You have been raised in a White bubble (like myself) and through the purposeful guidance of our communities and family, you have not fully…

Summer Series of Saves: Culturally Responsive Teaching (V)

Spoiler Alert: We still have a lot to learn about one another. I invite you to sign up for Genius and annotate articles, too. This article is an overview of what sociolinguistics are:  https://www.linguisticsociety.org/resource/sociolinguistics This article is an overview of linguistic terms: https://www.pbs.org/speak/speech/reveal/ http://genius.it/www.pbs.org/speak/speech/reveal/ This article defines what ‘crossing’ is: https://www.pbs.org/speak/speech/prestige/crossing/ This post is a holding post: just to keep some ideas hitched up until I have time to sort through them. But most importantly, read Sharroky Hollie’s Ph.D., work. @validateaffirm http://www.culturallyresponsive.org