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Category: Critical Thinking

Summer Series of Saves: Discuss, please

Twitter, well, Twitter is a lot of things but it does provide some great discussion/debate threads if you’re patient to find the gems. Here are five threads that gave me […]

Cake in the rain.

  We all know this isn’t about cake. I’m trying to sort this out for my own sake, and then for my students’. Cornell Law Review Link. Amendment I Congress […]

Part I: Renaissance Fairness

Sometimes we teachers may grow cynical about the ‘career and college’ ready mission statement. It’s not hard to see why: when our nation voted gave corporations the same voting rights […]

Heroic measures: teach critical thinking

My big question this morning: how do we teach, and learn, to think critically? Not the surface-level fluff–but the hard questions, the wrestling with the trifecta of intellectual stagnation: cognitive dissonance, […]

beautiful framing…

Amy Rasmussen wrote a piece for Three Teachers Talk: What if We Teach as if Teaching is a Story? And this– Last week I attended a professional development meeting with George Couros, […]

Saving Summer: Disconnection Connection Aziz Ansari recently put himself on an internet diet, and maybe the rest of us should follow suit. I bought the full-meal deal from Freedom a year ago, and […]

Saving Summer: Googling.

Recently a post on social media got to me to thinking: (well, overthinking? *shrug*) After a thread and reflection, I am trying to answer some questions: Does context play a […]

Saving Summer: Our country, tis of thee….

This September, right from the get-go, around Constitution Day (which falls on a Sunday this year), I shall share a unit on the Declaration of Independence, sparked by this exchange.  And […]

Saving Summer: Fake News (Revised) via GIPHY (Northwestern me in the summer…) For summer, between walks and mini extensional crisis, I shall produce a series of posts designed to curate some of the […]

Los Zumbis de Washington

  // via GIPHY This will be a long post: I am retracing my steps on the creation of a unit. TL:DR: Zombies and survival themes are great for 8th-grade […]

Punching monsters.

  Years ago I read The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I didn’t have anyone to share my thoughts about it with, until later a friend casually mentioned she […]

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