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Category: Burning Questions Book Lists

Making things.

  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding how to get students to move forward without scaffolds, I received many good ideas from the High School ELA group page* on […]


I always have this summer break lag–it takes me a bit to realize it actually is break time, and not only relax, but reflect. And just not think at all. […]

Deep down.

  Today I was observed for the last 40 minutes of my last class of the day on the first day back from winter break, and that was perfectly fine. […]

New best friends.

This makes me happy: When you put good things out there, good things come back. I am loving being on Twitter, and receiving resources and ideas from teachers, principals, and […]

Books You Should Read:

Excerpt: Chapter 20: Dying Languages Speaking, writing, and signing are the three ways in which a language lives and breathes. They are the three mediums through which a language is […]

My Huckleberry Friend.

From the Writer’s Almanac, February 18, 2010: In the summer of 1883, Mark Twain wrote in a letter: “I am piling up manuscript in a really astonishing way. I believe […]

No excuses book blogs…

Please don’t ever say to me you can’t find SOMETHING to read. After we’ve exhausted the possibilities in my classroom library, and in the school’s library, you may want to […]

Wannabes, posers, and the real deal.

This is something that’s been nagging at me a little bit–have you ever noticed that a hit book will come out, and then there comes a slew of wannabes? For […]

Charting your journey.

This article link content is NOT about your personal  beliefs, or mine. It is about what we talked about (briefly) the other day — in addition to books, poetry and […]

Hey, you, get off of my cloud.

Impulsivity + Meanness=Regret. I am still trying to find forgiveness for something I did when I was about seven or eight years old. When I was on the playground, one […]

Stir it up.

Oh, kids. I’m starting to sense it. It’s that time of year when you’re looking at your assignments, feeling overwhelmed, like a deer in the headlights, unable to move forward. […]

Holy da Vinci, Batman!

   From The Writer’s Almanac: It’s the birthday of the comic-book author Bob Kane, (books by this author) born in the Bronx (1916), who was working at DC Comics in […]

Giving wolves a bad name.

I really hate lies. Lies make the world so…diminished. I’m not talking about the “little white lies” that we use to not hurt someone’s feelings, although those can be pretty […]

Rome wasn't written about in a day…

This writer obviously had a burning question that became the focus of his life’s work. The question is: what will be your passion and focus? From the Writer’s Almanac: It […]

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