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Category: Best Practices

Cake in the rain.

  We all know this isn’t about cake. I’m trying to sort this out for my own sake, and then for my students’. Cornell Law Review Link. Amendment I Congress […]


Back in April 2015, Love, Teach wrote a blog post that has been widely circulated, What I Wish I Could Tell Them About Teaching in a Title I School, and it […]

Making things.

  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding how to get students to move forward without scaffolds, I received many good ideas from the High School ELA group page* on […]

We have a voice.

Yesterday–what an amazing day. Weeks ago, students began seeking trusted teachers in the building, wondering if and how we would support them in the National School Walk Out Day. We […]

Part I: Renaissance Fairness

Sometimes we teachers may grow cynical about the ‘career and college’ ready mission statement. It’s not hard to see why: when our nation voted gave corporations the same voting rights […]

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes: listening and speaking all the way

Always adding and refining: here are some resources to help with class discussions and partner work. Enjoy! Previous posts on discussions: [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft” ] [embeddoc url=”” […]

Heroic measures: repair

Months ago I ordered a ceramic unicorn — “thing.” It’s a decorative object, and I don’t remember why I liked it. I’m not normally a unicorn person. Perhaps in that […]

Build and Grow

Can the skills for the future be taught?  Skills–strategies –the future will depend on our ability to solve problems–and that ability relies heavily on strategies– Actually, legitimately taught and learned? […]

The art of flying…

The ending before Winter Break was the worst of times…but also the best of times. We know our students react to the holidays often with increased anxiety, and no matter […]

beat of your drum

  Peter Dewitt posted an article in EdWeek, Why Does Teacher Talk Still Dominate the High School Classroom?  This is a topic full of complicated nuance, add a dash of […]

series: the good stuff

Things I think about in the middle of the night: What was that noise outside? What are the best ten to twenty best, time-tested lessons for middle and high school […]

Mind the Map. Here is the teaching point/issue: How do we concurrently 1. teach students how stories work (or how anything works for that matter) 2. use technology to best demonstrate concepts […]

Saving Summer: Amygdala and The Brain

Teaching is stressful, there is no doubt or debate. And it’s also joyous, satisfying, and filled with discovery and success. But let’s get back to the stress for a moment […]

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