Takes a $10 Village

If 300 people I know spent about $10 each, I could fund these books for my students: Direct Link to My Donors Choose Challenge  


George Couros has me thinking (again): “What is the difference between school and learning?” His article, One Question We Should Always Ask… made me think deeply about how the relationship between […]

Summer Series of Saves: The Cockroach (II)

New Yorker cartoons often remind me of the importance of prior knowledge. pic.twitter.com/2zpWXR1ZAk — Kelly Gallagher (@KellyGToGo) July 3, 2018 When Kelly Gallagher tweeted about prior knowledge, he hit on […]

Building (Relationships) Check-Up

*Coffee talk time! The Six Relationships That Characterize Great Schools I invite educators and non-educators to comment or add ideas to this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xfLN2tVtXubahQZOl-_BKxoXt9VZ2-wgOJU9uWaZGTk/edit?usp=sharing I am thinking about making this […]

Dismantle, disrupt, and…discontinue?

One of my personality flaws is the fear of being misunderstood. I say it’s a flaw because I spend too much mental energy trying to explain my meaning after the […]

New Writing North

#NationalWritingDay @writeday South Shields: I feel most free when….. A fantastic group poem on this year’s theme. pic.twitter.com/vZ1f0zEv1R — New Writing North Young Writers (@NWNyoungwriters) June 23, 2018 @NWNyoungwriters @NewWritingNorth […]


We are at war. Choose your side. Are you making excuses? Justifying your actions? I do not care about you. You use your justifications as a rationale for racism and […]

Skill vs. Strategy: No Contest

No, really– we need both. There is no contest. We need the wrench and the blueprint. Can Reading Comprehension Be Taught? by Daniel T. Willingham & Gail Lovette — September […]

Cake in the rain.

  We all know this isn’t about cake. I’m trying to sort this out for my own sake, and then for my students’. Cornell Law Review Link. Amendment I Congress […]