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Month of May Mothers: WoW.


This is a screen shot of my World of Warcraft character and my son’s. He’s a level 80, and helping me level up faster than any Draenei Shaman has a right. He uses this alter ego to protect me, and show me how to be a warrior/healer against some pretty nasty foes. He has been wanting me to play for a long time now, and I just kept putting him off because of work, work, and more work.

Until I hit myself over the head and realized with all the power of a totem healing stone that he would eventually stop asking me.

And then my heart would break.

No matter what I may have imagined when I become a mother, never in my wildest dreams did I know how truly, deeply, and magically it would be so joyful and wonderful.

And that keeps me more powerful and happy than anything in this realm, or the next.

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  1. This is a beautiful sentiment. Very heartfelt and wonderful. I hope I never forget about the questions kids ask and I won’t push them off.

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